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Bimota Vdue 500 Story
the full sory of the first Bimota engine.
(sorry, only italian)

Fabiani Vdue 500
the best vdue ever.
In memory of Guido Fabiani.
(also in english)

Courtesy of Super Moto Tecnica


Cafe' Racer Evoluzione test
(only in italian)

Two Wheels only Evoluzione test
(in english)

Performance Bikes Evoluzione Test
(in english)



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Spare Parts...

Together with all the finished bikes available at the Bimota factory,
Vdue SRL has also  purchased parts to assemble almost 100 more complete Vdue and some of the original tools and machines.
These parts will be used as spare for the bikes sold over the years. Furthermore they are in contact with the original suppliers like Antera, Paioli, Brembo, TDD, Dell'Orto.... for supplying standard parts used in the Vdue and other Bimota bikes.


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Factory Manuals

The workshop manuals have been  written only for the Iniezione Eletronica.
Since most of the parts are identical, they are very useful also for the Evoluzione models.