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Iniezione Elettronica : the first groundbreaking i.e. 2 stroke


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The bike was presented in 97 as the first Bimota with  their own engine.

The main characteristics of the engine is the direct injection system and a special lube system that avoids burning high quantities of oil with the fuel.

The injection management system is completed with a full set of sensors, a datalogger and the possibility to be connected to a computer for accurate diagnostics and download of the acquired data.

Those innovative systems and the new engine did have a variety of troubles: power delivery was unpredictable and explosive, constant spark plug fooling, electrical bugs and in some cases sever piston and crank failure. Bimota was and still is synonymous of quality and to stand to their name, they recalled all of those bikes to upgrade the engine into a carburetor version.

The original Vdue electronic injection are to be considered a very interesting collectors item.


Upgrade to Evoluzione


For the those of you that have one of those original units, we are able to convert the "Iniezione" into an "Evoluzione".

To operate the conversion, the bike has to be shipped to Milan.

The bike will be modified as following:

  • 39mm Dell'Orto carburetors.
  • Carbon fiber airbox.
  • Electric harness with digital instrument panel (in exchange).
  • Rerouting the internal oil passages (from gearbox to crank bearing).
  • Replacing crank bearings and seals (same as Evoluzione).

For more information email here info@vdueusa.com


For sales inquiry email here sales@vdueusa.com



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