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Evoluzione 03/04: 2stroke power on the road


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Evoluzione 03



After proving in the Trophy challenge the reliability of the modified injection engine, Bimota introduced the "Evoluzione". The difficult to set up fuel injection system was replaced with the very reliable Dell'Orto carburetors. Also the engine was modified in several parts: new pistons, cylinders, crank, new management system...and new look. Bimota produced 120 of those bikes: the first stock was with the older version of the engine and carburetors installed.


Evoluzione 04



The Evoluzione 04 is the result of the care that Vdue SRL has in assembling the bikes and the engines.

The main differences are in the engine: lower tolerances for bearings and pistons, optimized CDI and power valve curve, a leaner setting of the carbs...all the above achieved after hours of dyno testing in collaboration with 2 stroke experts, and than fine tuned on the road.
The cure gives the already powerful engine another 10hp.

Small details that make this bike even more enjoyable on the street.


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